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2.12.16   Joy's hips A/A, elbows 0/0 :)
19.11.16   New pages are made to be seen in different screens (responsive).  Previour news & photos will still be seen in my old blogi.
23.10.16   Congratulations "Pumba" (l.Miss Snowie of Ann's Lions) already 14 Years

Fialka D.Bora z Miloticek

My beloved Fialka went to Rainbow Bridge in March 2016 at age 9,5 years. I miss her very very much. She was the Loveliest Leo in the World. She made work as a therapy Leo and several of her "kids" are continuing her paw prints. She also was a real beauty, kind and a very strong & healthy female. We are lucky to have offsprings from her around the world, also in our home. Our breeding continues from her "paw prints".

We have now a leonberger "Joy", who is from different lines. Hopefully she will be in our breeding in the future.

— Anne —