Ann's Lions

- since 1990

Litters 2013-2007

Finnish Kennelclub's database includes health info of each litter, except of exported puppies. Their official health results are listed  on this page.

Litter Harvest 9.7.2013

Ann's Lions Star of Gentleness LPN1=N/N
Cleon Costi memento av Ruben LPN1=N/N, LPN2=D/N

Unfortunately 7 of puppies were carriers of LPN2, like their father too, after the new test for LPN2 was published. 1 puppy is not tested, 1 died and 1 is free of LPN2=N/N
  A. Furry Farmer Boy LPN1=N/N, LPN2=D/N
  A. Born to be a Farmer LPN1=N/N, LPN2=D/N
  A. Miss Summer Harvest LPN1, LPN2=N/N
  A. Farmer's Daughter LPN1=N/N, LPN2=D/N

Litter Black 9.2012

Ann's Lions Beauty of Rose LPN1=N/N
Leoniitan Musta-Ritari LPN1=N/N

  A. Black Diamond LPN1, LPN2, LEMP =  N/N, HD A, ED 0, eyes OK
  A. Black Pearl  LPN1=N/N

Litter Pikkukoda 1.5.2012

Fialka D.Bora z Miloticek LPN1, LPN2, LEMP = N/N
Skjaergaardens Lover Boy LPN1, LPN2=N/N

  A. Red Door LPN1, LPN2=N/N HD A, ED 0
  A. Mellow Yellow LPN1, LPN2=N/N HD A, ED A, eyes OK
  A. Twist of Lime LPN1=N/N

Litter Country 29.5.2011

Fialka D.Bora z Miloticek LPN1, LPN2, LEMP =N/N
Vallonbygdens Grazy in Beer LPN1=N/N

  A. Country Code FI, HD A1, ED 0
  A. Country Code S, HD A1
  A. FI Country Boy, HD A, ED 0
  A. FI Country Flower HD A, ED 0

Litter Little Prince 16.2.2010

Fialka D.Bora z Miloticek LPN1, LPN2, LEMP = N/N
Malmili's Obsession LPN1, LPN2=N/N

Litter Sea 13.03.2009

Fialka D.Bora z Miloticek LPN1, LPN2, LEMP = N/N
Altonastigens Kaiser LPN1=N/N

  A. Merenneito Violet LPN1=N/N, HD=A, ED=0
  A. Victory at sea HD=A, ED=0, eyes OK

Litter Mr Brown 31.12.2007

Ann's Lions Unique Survivor
Vaikonniemen Kokokylän kingi

Forest Fairy Litter 30.06.2007

Ann's Lions Kartanon Unelma
Forest Leo vom Jerichover land LPN1=N/N

  A. Forest Ranger
  A. Forest Wizard
  A. Metsän Peikko LPN1=N/N