Ann's Lions

- since 1990

In Memoriam R.I.P

Fi Ch Skjaergaardens Lover Boy

15.3.2009 - 23.8.2017

Rolf "Lolfi" or "Rolfi", our handsome and lovely boy.
LPN1 & LPN2 & LEMP = N/N

Fi Ch Fialka D Bora z Miloticek

3.11.2006 - 2.3.2016

Fialka "Filia Falia Foo, Fifi" was the loveliest & most healthy leonberger in the world.
LPN1 & LPN2 & LEMP = N/N (free)

Fi Ch Julinka O Bora z Miloticek

2.12.2008 - 30.10.2014

Julinka "Kukinka" wanted to carry teddy bears, socks and balls, later big logs.
LPN1 (N/N = free)

Ball-ti-mora's Xoxo to A.Lions

6.9.2005 - 30.10.2014

Hali was a very lovable female.

Berndream's Dark Diamond

24.4.2011 - 2013

Aino was lovely and very beautiful "girl" ♥.

Ann's Lions Mr Rubus Bear

1.11.2000 - 17.9.2009

Rubus was a real TeddyBear, always happy and gentle.

Lelionaz Ursus Ponica Exotica

24.7.2000 - 25.2.2009

Exo "EkkoPekko" was a calm and wonderful lady. She wanted to give wet kisses for everybody :)

Ann's Lions Unique Survivor

3.5.2002 - 11.11.2008

Uni "puni" had wonderful temperament and her heart was of "gold".

Nord Ch Ann's Lions Livia

17.4.1997 - 17.10.2006

Everybody loved Livia, she was an amazing lovely leonberger working as a therapy dog, known worldwide.

Galevala Kelpo Kuutar "Julia"

24.7.1998 - 1.8.2003

Julia, also known with another nickname Julle, was a very nice female.

Kinglord's Miss Beauty

4.8.1994 - 2000

"Jasmin" had Ann's Lions' first litter. Theme for names was "the gods".

Kinglord's Miss Pearl

31.8.1990 - 16.7.1995

"Pipsa" was our first leonberger. Unfortunately she had so bad hips, that her life stayed very short.

Fankan Sampo

17.10.1986 - ?

Samppa-boy was my life's first own dog. ♥