Ann's Lions

- since 1990

Our pets

We live in a "country home" in a small village called Polvijärvi. For now we have three leonberger girls Joy, Bora and Willow. They are members in our family and can stay out in our fenced yard (half hectare) or in the house. We also have one Norwegian Forest Cat and one long-haired Cat. Newest members in our family are Silkie chickens. Half of their genes are from USA. Cock is called Nestori and her ladies are Klaara, Saara, Veera and Noora.

Fi Ch Skjaergaardens Lover Boy "Rolf"

15.3.2009 - 23.8.2017

Rolf has wonderful temperament and he is a lovely boy. He came to our family from Norway. He is father for 4 litters in Finland.

HD=A/A, ED= 0/0
EYES = healthy

Mustapippurin Joy to the world "Joy"

18.12.2014 -

Joy "Zoikkeliini Koikkeliini" brings me socks, shoes, wood etc in a hope to get a treat :) She has a wonderful temperament.
Joy's parents are also tested by LPN1, LPN2=N/N

HD=A/A, ED= 0/0
EYES = healthy

Vaikonniemen Aurora Borealis "Bora"

25.3.2015 -

Bora is a lovely leonberger with very dark mask and eyes. She has so beautiful movements,  like her mother has.
Her parents are tested LPN1, LPN2, LEMP=N/N

Asari Leotracks "Willow"

6.4.2016 -

Willow has also a nickname "ÖnniMönni". She came to our family from Czech. Fialka and Rolf are her grandparents.
Her parents are tested LPN1, LPN2 = N/N 

DK Elmelund's Naomi

4.7.2010 -

Norwegian Forest Cat Naomi is imported from Denmark. She has one registered litter in my Cattery Ann'slion.


6.8.2008 -

Söpö is a mixbreed Norwegian Forest Cat.  Both our cats love their happy lives with our Leos and us. Sometimes cats learn things from dogs and vice versa :)

Silkie Cock "Nestori"

01.2017 -

Nestori has 50 %  genes from USA. He is silver partridge

Silkie Chickens (hens)

01.2017 -

Our Silkie chicken have beards and 50 % genes from USA.  Klaara is red partridge, Saara and Noora are red, Veera is buff.